Syunik-Development NGO was founded in 1995 as Syunik Benevolent NGO to address the educational, cultural, and economic problems of a newly independent Armenia. Over its 20 years of operation, Syunik-Development NGO has become the largest NGO in southern Armenia and cooperates with local, national and international organizations.

From 1995-2001, Syunik-Development NGO focused on charitable work including the provision of clothes and medicine to families of need, kitchen and home renovations, environmental projects, and providing psychological, medical, and recreational support for orphans and refugees.

In the 2001-2006 periods the organization underwent a transition phase during which time it began to implement more socio-economic and educational projects such as the establishment of Social Service Centers, the facilitation of training courses and youth camps, comprehensive irrigation system construction, and an establishment of farms’ households.

Since 2006, Syunik-Development NGO has been implementing community development projects in a variety of sectors through its community centers, agricultural projects, cross-border youth training of trainers, educational summer camps, legal and health consultancy seminars, international exchanges, and tourism initiatives. Syunik-Development NGO has been a pioneer and key of peace building activities in the Caucasus region, maintaining an excellent track record of service.

In April of 2013, the State Register Agency of Legal Entities of Armenia authorized an organizational name change to better reflect the work conducted at Syunik: Syunik Benevolent Non-Governmental Organization became Syunik-Development Communal Non-Governmental Organization. Currently Syunik-Development NGO has structured its organizational work into the following departments: Social, Agricultural, Youth and Tourism Development. The departments are leading by skilled and experienced staff.