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On December 18, a heartwarming event unfolded in the Siranuysh camp of the Vayots Dzor Diocese, made possible by the support of the Swiss HEKS/EPER organization. This enchanting day featured the participation of our beloved children of Artsakh.

In anticipation of this special occasion, the children dedicated days to preparing captivating fairy-tale performances. The culmination of their efforts was a series of presentations where the children shared their favorite fairy tales, bringing immense joy and comfort to all present.

Distinguished guests in attendance included Abraham Mkrtchyan, the primate of the Vayots Dzor  Diocese, representatives from the Syunik-Development NGO, Nelly Harutyunyan, school director of Yeghegis settlement, Naira Mnatsakanyan, school director of Hermon settlement, as well as dedicated teachers, students, and community residents.

The infectious enthusiasm and radiant smiles of the children underscored the significance of this project. Its primary goal is to seamlessly integrate them into new environments, fostering connections with newfound friends. The success of this initiative was palpable in the joyous atmosphere created by the children.

This project is not a one-time event but rather an ongoing activity. The sustained support from our long-term partner, the Swiss HEKS/EPER organization through the Syunik-Development NGO, ensures the continuity of this initiative. This steadfast partnership actively contributes to the integration of both children from Artsakh and local children, promoting lasting bonds.