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📌 Job description – Project HEAR-VDz Facilitator:
📌 6 months term, renewable depending on need and performance.
📌 Based in Vayots Dzor (VDz).
📌 Start Date: ASAP.

📣 Roles and Responsibilities:

▪︎ Under the General direction of the Syunik-Development NGO’s Program Manager, the
Facilitator of Project HEAR-VDz (Housing/Employment for Artsakh Refugees in the Vayots Dzor) is responsible for finding and enlisting Host Households in the Vayots Dzor Province that have rooms with private or shared “kitchen facilities” available to house a refugee family (Guests).

▪︎ The Facilitator will inspect the available houses and will create an inventory of these households on an Excel Worksheet.

▪︎ She/he will include in the worksheet info on the Host household’s preferences and dislikes concerning the potential “Guests” so that a good match is secured.

▪︎ She/he will maintain relationships with Hosts and Guests to help smooth-out any potential irritants before they cause problems, and motivate project participants by using enthusiasm, energy and positive reinforcement.

▪︎ The Facilitator will liaise with the Office of the RA’s Head of the Humanitarian Assistance Programs Department, as well as the Offices responsible for refugees at the Marz and at the Municpal level in VDz.

▪︎ She/he will obtain lists of refugees seeking housing, will meet with the refugees and determine the best match possible with Host Households.

▪︎ The Facilitator will draw-up, with the support of the Syunik-Development NGO’s legal advisor, an agreement to be signed by the Host and Guests, which will clarify the obligations and expectations of each party.

▪︎ The Facilitator will manage the budget allocated for the Host households and organise the disbursement of payments through Syunik-Development NGO’s accounting Department and compile related records and prepare reports.

📣 Qualifications:

❗️ Essential 👇
▪︎ Highly motivated, self-starter, well organised, who is passionate about helping refugees settle,
▪︎ University degree,
▪︎ Good written and oral communication and inter-personal skills,
▪︎ Personal ability to inspire confidence in community members she/he interacts with
– Computer skills (Excel, Word,…),
– Languages: Armenian and reasonable comprehension of English,
– Familiarity with Vayots Dzor communities and province.

❗️ Desirable 👇
▪︎ Have a car,
▪︎ Have a laptop/Smart-Phone,
▪︎ Social media and communications skills: Canva, Twitter/X, Facebook, Bluesky.

📌 Application deadline: October 27
📌 To apply: [email protected]