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From February 11 to 13, 42 young people from the consolidated community of Jermuk united in the Siranuysh camp of the Vayots Dzor Diocese.

Aghasi Hovhannisyan, an employee of the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports of the Vayots Dzor Regional Administration, visited the young people during the project. Mr. Hovhannisyan introduced the youth to the opportunities for the development of sports in the region, the sports events, the issues related to the participation in state and regional competitions, and the opportunities for the development of sports in the consolidation community of Jermuk.

During the project, the Ministry of Emergency Situations representatives equipped the youth with the knowledge and skills of quick and operative response in emergency situations.

The officer staff of the Vayots Dzor region of the Ministry of Defense allowed the young participants to get acquainted with the most needed knowledge of military literacy.

The young people were visited by Harutyun Harutyunyan, an independent expert of Syunik-Development NGO, a lecturer at the American University of Armenia, and David Ordoyan, Diaspora Armenian philanthropist, who supported the border villages of Artsakh and Armenia. They have discussed the existing problems in the community, which require priority solutions.

Onik Papoyan, a co-founder of POGA (Statehood as a Supreme Value) military-patriotic school also visited the project for a new joint cooperation and initiatives.

February 12 is the day of commemoration of St. Sargis and the blessing of the youth.

Yeghegis municipality invited the youth of the Jermuk consolidation community to participate in St. Sargis and Trndez (To be a celebration honor of the Presentation of the Lord to the church. Tiarnndarach in Armenian) events. The young people visited Zorats Church in Yeghegis settlement, prayed for St. Sargis’s intercession, they received a blessing from Hovhannes Matevosyan, the Priest of the Vayots Dzor Diocese.

During the event traditional music was played by the participants, young people sang and danced various traditional Armenian dances.

The grant scheme which has already become a tradition was awarded to the Kechut settlement of the consolidated Jermuk community. According to the grant scheme, in order to activate the youth in the settlement, to provide entertainment, to unite them, a wooden swing will be placed next to the playground in the settlement, improvement works will be carried out.

The amount needed for the implementation of the project is 200,000 AMD, 160,000 AMD out of 200,000 AMD will be provided by Syunik-Development NGO’s Improvement of Income Possibilities in Rural Areas of Armenia program. Varduhi Bagratyan, who proposed the idea, donated her book Take me with you to the sun, the participants of the Empowerment.

The House of Hope Charity Center Foundation provided gifts to the participants of the Youth Empowerment Project.

Intellectual games were an important part of the Empowerment and at the end of the meeting, the young people were awarded certificates.