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From January 28 to 30, the Youth Empowerment Project of the Youth Consolidation NGO was launched with the participation of 53 active youth from the consolidated community of Yeghegnadzor.

The three-day meeting started with new discussions, new courses, and the provision of gifts.

The youth were visited by Garo Balyan, sports director of Noravank Sports Club, the girls’ team of Noravank Sports Club, as well as Armen Ghazaryan and Agapi Tadevosyan, the team’s coaches. Various team-building sports games and exercises were organized during the meeting. Gevorg Matevosyan, the Press Secretary of Noravank Sports Club, presented the activities of the club.

During the Youth Empowerment Project, young people hosted Avag Gabrielyan, Chief Specialist of the Department of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture of Vayots Dzor municipality. Mr. Gabrielyan talked about the structure of the regional and state education system.

On the second day, the employees of the Ministry of Defense visited the participants of the Youth Empowerment Project. They presented a Military Training course. At the end of this meeting, Syunik-Development NGO dedicated to the 30-th anniversary of the Armenian Army gave gifts to the employees of the Ministry of Defense for their dedicated work.

Mher Asatryan, an employee of Areni Municipality, and President of the Youth Consolidation NGO talked about homeland, patriotism, and state.

Karen Asatryan, the director of the Yeghegnadzor Medical Center of Vayots Dzor region, provided knowledge and skills on first aid.

The youth of the Youth Empowerment Project benefited also from dental services.

Dental services are provided by Syunik-Development NGO’s Strong Homeland charitable dental clinic project. This project is the impact of the long-term cooperation of the Vayots Dzor Diocese and Syunik-Development NGO, and the investments of Diaspora benefactors, represented by Vigen Karapetyan. The dental clinic operates in Hermon settlement, near the Siranuysh camp of the Vayots Dzor Diocese. All the dental services are provided for free.

The grant scheme which has already become a tradition was awarded to the Getap and Malishka settlements of the consolidated Yeghegnadzor community. The goal of the grant project proposed by the youth of Getap settlement is to buy dance clothes for the children of the Zmrukht dance ensemble.

The amount needed for the implementation of the project is 200,000 AMD, 160,000 AMD out of 200,000 AMD will be provided by Syunik-Development NGO. The rest 40,000 AMD will be provided by the coordinators of the Youth Empowerment Project.

Within the frame of the Malishka settlement grant proposal, the grantee decided to purchase furniture for the Youth Center in Malishka, to provide a platform for active discussions, conduct training to contribute to the activation of young people in community activities. The total amount needed for the implementation of the project is 210,000 AMD. 160,000 AMD will be provided by the Syunik-Development NGO.

Youth Empowerment and community development are priority areas for the Syunik-Development NGO. Patriotic film watching, intellectual games, and cultural evenets are part of the project.

At the end of the three-day meeting, the House of Hope Charity Center Foundation provided gifts to the participants of the Youth Empowerment Project.

It is worthwhile to mention that the project is implemented by the Youth Consolidation NGO, in cooperation with Syunik-Development NGO, Vayots Dzor Municipality, and consolidated communities.