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Beekeeping in Armenia is distinguished by its high profitability. The beekeeping development in the Vayots Dzor region is one of the priorities of Syunik Development NGO. The NGO, with the support of the Canadian Atken Armenian Foundation, and in cooperation with the Tekeyan Cultural Union of Armenia and the Return to Kashatagh NGO, is implementing the Beekeeping Development in Vayots Dzor Region project, which aims to:

  • support beekeepers in the region to develop their professional skills,
  • reduce rural poverty in Vayots Dzor region,
  • contribute to the capacity building, cooperation, and development of beekeepers from the rural communities of the region,
  • ensure the quality and increase the selling value of the honey and honey marketing,

As a result of the project, 35 beekeepers from more than 14 communities of the Vayots Dzor region present their pure honey through the Mountain Miracle brand. This year, the project Mountain Miracle honey took part in the ARMENIA EXPO 2021 exhibition-forum, where along with honey, the natural dried fruits made by the farmers of the region were also presented.

During the exhibition forum, Mountain Miracle honey was tasted by more than 500 honey lovers, who highly appreciated the taste and smell of the multi-flowered honey of Vayots Dzor.

Within the ARMENIA EXPO 2021 exhibition forum, the project received several proposals from organizations, supermarkets, and individual sellers to present and market Mountain Miracle honey across Armenia and abroad.

At the end of the exhibition forum, the participants were given certificates.