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On October 8, the Youth Mobility project was launched in the Siranuysh camp of the Vayots Dzor Diocese. The project started with the ceremony of raising the Armenian flag under the anthem of the Republic of Armenia.
Over 100 young people attended the meeting-discussion from the Areni consolidated community.
The role of young people is the most important in the life of the community. The project aims at developing theoretical-practical knowledge and skills on cognitive, cultural, gymnastic, sports, emergencies, martial arts among the youth. This initiative is held in cooperation with Vayoc Dzor Diocese, Syunik- Development NGO, and Vayots Dzor Regional Administration.
During the meeting-discussions, the young people have the opportunity to meet and discuss their concerns with representatives of the local and regional authorities, the military, and the relevant representatives of the emergency service.
Such meeting-discussions are long-lasting and will become a unique tradition of regional events.Young people from all communities of the region have the opportunity to become the most important part of this platform.
Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the camp is planned to host 100 young people aged 18-30 from one consolidated community of the Vayots Dzor region.
The food, accommodation, and travel expenses of the campparticipants are covered by the Vayots Dzor Diocese, Syunik-Development NGO with the support of their partner organizations and individuals. Municipalities were also actively involved in this initiative.
We will regularly inform you about the agenda of the meetings, practical training by the Regional Service of Emergencies, self-defense art, courses on different topics, sports-intellectual games, excursions, and cultural events through social platforms.
Our partner for the first meeting-discussion is the Areni municipality.