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Paylak lived with his large family and built his house and farm in the village of Van, Kashatagh region of Artsakh.

For many years they have been producing watermelon.

With the support of the “Tufenkyan” Charitable foundation Paylak together with his brother has established more than 10 ha of persimmon and apricot orchards.

”The algorithm of my success was the unprecedented nature of Artsakh, as well as the love towards land and dedication to the work. Lands in Khashatagh were plain which made agricultural mechanized work easier. In parallel with horticulture, we were also engaged in beekeeping and cattle breeding”, tells our hero with deep sadness but proudly.

”The war took away everything only saving me and my family by happy coincidence”, says Paylak.

Now Paylak lives in a rented house in Getap Village, Vayots Dzor region with his wife and three children. They are expecting their fourth child.

Paylak is again busy with his lovely job.

Paylak works as a mechanic-driver in the demonstration orchards established by Syunik-Development NGO with the support of the Atken Armenia Foundation and individual benefactors from the Diaspora. Among the other duties, Paylak shares 15 years of professional experience as a mechanic-driver with other employers as well. He believes that his algorithm of success is viable in any corner of his homeland, in Artsakh or Armenia. He believes with hard work he will again have his roof, home, and household.

”With my example, I want to show compatriots who left their villages and homes and share the same destiny, that even after the war we have to cling to the ground even more with a straight spine, define goals for ourselves and our children, work and work non-stop”, added Paylak at the end of our conversation.

Syunik-Development NGO continues to work with local and international organizations, individual benefactors, and investors to help our displaced compatriots to improve their living conditions by creating jobs, promoting entrepreneurship, and providing self-employment.

The insignificant contribution of each of us can become the success story of one family.