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The establishment of the Translator’s School in the Vayots Dzor region initiated by Archbishop Abraham Mkrtchyan, the Chairman of Syunik-Development NGO Board, is one of the most important projects of the NGO.
This initiative aims to save the translator’s school’s best traditions, pass them down through the generations, and promote preparing high-quality translators
Within the frame of this project, from 14-15 May, Syunik-Development NGO with its project partner writer, publicist Hovik Charkchyan with his translators and editors team implemented the second meeting-discussion, that aimed at developing capacities of young potential translators.
During two working days, translators reviewed the translated stories, get acquainted with the translation’s nicety and professional techniques.
Soon, the storybook of American writer and prose writer O.Henry, which is the first work of the translators’ group will be published
Further, loved, famous and not known, authors of different nationality, and literary genres’ works will be translated.
Translators’ group tends to expand and carry out continuous activities.
If you are interested in translation work, you can write to our Facebook page for detailed information and procedure.