Paid internship at Syunik-Development NGOwith the possibility of further work.

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You have higher education, communication skills, you can demonstrate a constructive approach in teamwork, you accept the challenge of acquiring new skills and knowledge, then this opportunity is for you.

Project details

Within the Social Development Program in Vayots Dzor Region, Syunik-Development NGO gives you an opportunity to have a paid internship at the NGO following departments:

  • Community Development Project
  • Accounting
  • Public Relation

During the internship, participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Get acquainted with the general operation/activities of non-governmental organizations in Armenia with the example of Syunik-Development NGO,
  • Participate in a series of training on Project Management, Fundraising, Monitoring & Evaluation, Financial and Human Resource Management, Project Visibility, and further professional training in separate fields,
  • Get acquainted with accounting documentation, tax accounting, and general accounting,
  • Participate in English language courses organized by the NGO (two days a week).

The internship is based on the “Learning by Doing” Method. With the help of individual program managers, the participants will organize program activities according to individual work plans:

— Conducting research

— Organizing seminars/training and other events

— Developing project proposals and reporting

— Developing and publishing articles on different projects’ events and activities

— Doing translations including oral translation, if needed

— Providing communication with costumers, hotel and food reservation within the frame of the Tourism Development Project

The deadline to apply is January 27th.

All interested candidates should send their CV and a Cover letter to the following e-mail: [email protected].