Handing Over Certificates

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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of Syunik-Development NGO initiatives have been shifted to online platforms. The Webinar organized within the framework of the “Vocational Training and Support for Integrating Displace and Marginalized People to the Armenian Job Market” project was one of such initiatives. The topics of the webinars were

  • Career Development – Planning
  • National Cuisine
  • Entrepreneurship

The webinars were conducted by Sedrak Mamulyan and Haykuhi Gevorgyan.

On September 1st, the ceremony of handing over certificates took place in Syunik-Development NGO’s headquarter office. 18 participants who participated in these webinars received their certificates.

Syunik-Development NGO expresses its deep gratitude to the German organization Brot für die Welt for its continuous support.