Armenian-Georgian historical relationship coming from the depths of the centuries

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There is no need to go into the depths of history to witness the unbreakable Armenian-Georgian friendship and unity.

In recent years, we have witnessed the common will and support to face the challenges in the region and in the world, as well as the willingness and compassion to support each other.

The historical friendship created among the nations over the years passed down through the generations due to the healthy and constructive dialogue between the two countries and various Armenian and Georgian organizations and institutes.

Cooperation projects between Syunik-Development NGO and Georgian organizations have been launched in the early 1990s, since the foundation of NGO.

For years, the opportunities created for thousands of Armenian and Georgian children, young people, farmers and agronomists have been an open platform for getting to know each other, for dialogue and value each other’s cultures and share best practices. Moreover, they have become close and caring friends.

Both nations always express willingness to support each other once facing challenges: emergency situations, natural disasters, pandemics, conflicts.

In this difficult situation due to the pandemic, the compassion of the Georgian people towards Armenians and readiness to help, to treat Armenian patients in Georgia, to provide medical supplies and respiratory equipment are invaluable for us.

The compassion and encouragement of our Georgian colleagues and friends, the staff of HEKS-EPER South Caucasus Office, the Lazarus Foundation, the partner organizations of the peace camps are always inspiring us.

We sincerely appreciate your daily calls, e-mails and support.