The Youth Against COVID-19

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The recent initiative implemented within Syunik-Development NGO’s Youth for Peace project was not a regular one conveying the message of peace. It was a special initiative entitled Youth Against COVID-19 and had a strong focus on how to be protected from COVID-19.

The primary target of the pandemic, which has become a threat to the whole world, is lonely elderly people with health problems, who find it difficult to get protective stuff from the pandemic, food and necessary first aid kits.

In such situation the willingness, readiness and the responsibility to carry out social function and human care for the people in need unites the youth.

Within this priority initiative Syunik-Development NGO stuff members and volunteers are visiting Yeghegis Gorge of the Vayots Dzor region. The visit aims at providing 20 elderly and single people from Yeghegis consolidated community with food packages and necessary first aid kits. During the visit, 9000 tomatoe, onion, pepper and eggplant seedlings were also distributed that are the main integral part of the food of the elderly people during the summer.

Joint agricultural works and talk with the youth gave hope to the elderly people that even in such an emergency situation they are not alone.

The elderly people, in turn,  told the youth to be disciplined, responsible citizens, follow instructions by the Government and the Ministry of Health for celebrating victory against COVID-19 as soon as possible․

The beneficiaries of the project are lonely pensioners with health problems provided by the Department of Health and Social Affairs of the Vayots Dzor Regional Government.

The project was implemented by the Syunik-Development NGO in scope of the Youth for Peace project with the support of the Swiss HEKS/EPER organization.