Land Preservation as a Principle of Agricultural Activities.

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Factors contributing to the erosion of limited land resources are many and varied in the Region, particularly in the Vayots Dzor province. Such factors are upward zoning, relief fragmentation, height fluctuations. The human factor in the process is also big; wrong deforestation, improper cultivation of lands.

Land protection should be under the attention of the farmer, the producer, the economist, the non-governmental organization, and absolutely under everyone attention.

In order to maintain the rational use of lands, to restore the risk of erosion, to increase the efficiency of agricultural activities, Syunik-Development NGO has created a protective layer to fight against erosion in its demonstration orchards located in Aghasafi area of Yeghegnadzor city.

To create and strengthen protective layers trees and bushes were planted over the years. For this year thousand blackberry and rose hip bushes were planted. Irrigation pipeline was also installed.

It is worthwhile to mention, that besides improving soil structure, the fruits of the planted brushes will soon become nutrition for wild birds and animals.

Proper organization of wild gathering of blackberry and rose hip harvest will be additional source of income for the local population.