Beekeeping as a Stable Source of Income

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Honeybees play a significant role not only in terms of plant pollination, but also in terms of economic activity.
Due to favourable climate conditions, Armenia is known as an ancient center of beekeeping. Beekeeping as a branch of agriculture has developed over the centuries. Nowadays, it is more actual and has a big demand.

Levon is one of our beneficiaries living in Chiva rural community of the Vayots Dzor region. He knows these small animals for a long time. He notes that his interest grew more and more since he got the first five bee colonies from the project. He is constantly learning from them and for them.
Levon is one of the first beneficiaries of the Beekeeping Development Project in the Vayots Dzor region supported by the Canadian Atken Armenian Foundation.
Due to his diligence and seriousness, Levon has doubled the number of beeclonies provided by the project. He notes that the tuition fee of one of his children was paid by the first income received from honey.

Since having high-yielding bee colonies is one of the main conditions for obtaining quality honey, various activities are carried out within the project for this purpose including professional trainings, monitoring visits and the like.

In addition to beehives and bee colonies, the beneficiaries of the project are provided also with the necessary items for beekeeping; wax sheets, cover, honey comb machine, etc.
Our goal of making the Vayots Dzor region as a center of Beekeeping already has a desired and tangible results.