From a farmer to a Businessman

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Aram Hakobyan, who is known in Vayots Dzor region for his nursery for many years, this year expanded his field of activity and established agricultural medicine and tools store.

I was born, grow up, live and will live in my village Getap. From time to time facing with household problems, I was thinking to leave the country and to work abroad like many people do. But then I was consulting myself that I am neither a builder nor a driver. In Russia, the soil is not like ours, the apricot and the apple don’t have the same test as here in Vayots Dzor. “And each time I forget about these thoughts and continue fighting with the land”-tells Aram.

During the Soviet times my father had a nursery. Everybody in the region knew him․ During my childhood and youth age I had also to help my father sometimes for a “sweet bribe”. During the time I began to master of very important nuances of nursery, such as how to do grafting, which day of lunar calendar to organize “eye grafting”, etc.

One day I discovered that the agriculture became my unique profession and consequently the only way to earn for living. I started to produce and sell small number of seedlings in my own land near my house. Now I have 0.5ha nursery. I produce traditional and intensive different type of seedling with European rootstocks.

I have established my nursery with the support of the Syunik-Development NGO. I developed my professional skills through trainings and workshops conducted by the organization, as well as thanks to my good Georgian friend and farmer Ramaz, and with the help of agricultural plant protectors from Syunik-Development NGO’s partner Shen NGO I developed my practical skills.

Aram՛s wife adds with smile “Our successes are not limiting with this”.
Now Aram will be recognized in the region not only as “Aram of the nursery”, but will also have a new nickname – “Aram of the pesticides”.

This phase of Arams’ success story is also closely connected with Syunik-Development NGO.
Despite the pandemia, Syunik-Development NGO continues to implement the planned project activities, even in “emergency” situation. Recently Aram Hakobyan opened an agricultural tools and medicine store in Getap rural community in the framework of Horticultural Development Project in Gegharkunik and Vayots Dzor Regions supported by swiss HEKS/EPER organization.

In the store you can find medicines, fertilizers needed for fruit and vegetable cultivation, tools, seeds and seedlings in the appropriate season.
The store also has information materials for farmers on treatment and pest control activities provided by Syunik-Development and Shen organizations.