Overcoming the Problems Caused by the Coronavirus in Vayots Dzor region

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To prevent the spread of the virus, Syunik NGO in cooperation with the Diocese of Vayots Dzor Region continues to produce individual protective masks and ensure their access to the region’s medical facilities and other institutions.
Over the past month, 10,000 masks have been given to the medical institutions of Yeghegnadzor, Vayk and Jermuk cities, police of the region, the regional department of the rescue service of Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Regional Government and  military families.
In the last few days, in addition to the masks, the design and production of individual dental plastic protective face shields has also started in cooperation with Armat Engineering Laboratory. The first batch of dental plastic protective face shields has already been provided to Yeghegnadzor Medical Centre.
In consultation with the Department of Health and Social Security of Vayots Dzor Government, 5 health care centers of the region (Aghavnadzor, Malishka, Areni, Zaritap, Shatin) were equipped with the necessary first aid kits, medicine, protective masks, dental plastic protective face shields and disinfectants.
Let the patients of all corners of the world recover quickly and let us all celebrate the victory against Covid-19 as soon as possible.