Syunik-Development NGO Hosted an External Evaulator

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On 25-30 January, 2020 an independent EP Agency for Education and Consulting Company, Serbia has conducted the external evaluation of the Integration project. Integration project has launched in 2017 as an initial pilot phase integrating displaced and socially marginalized people into the Armenian job market and social and cultural life at whole.

The purpose of the evaluation was to assess achieved results and identify whether improvements were needed to increase effectiveness with the respect to the project objectives. The evaluation was focused on reviewing and analyzing project documents, conducting interviews and focus group discussions with the project beneficiaries and stakeholders, field visits to the beneficiaries work placements.

The evaluation results are needed to improve its organizational capacities, as well as contribute to the process by assessing the current situation of project implementation and developing recommendations on how to improve or tackle challenges for further project development. Integration project is implemented by Syunik-Development NGO together with House of Hope Foundation by the financial support of German BfdW.