Professional development training for staff

Syunik-Development NGO always promotes professional development activities for its staff. From the 21st to 26th of October, 2019, Ankica Dragin an external consultant was invited to conduct a consultancy workshop for the staff members of the NGO on planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) within the framework of the Social Development Program. The visit aimed at supporting Syunik-Development NGO management team to the improvement of existing programmes and projects for the purposes of organizational learning, as well as supporting NGO team in widening their skills and knowledge on the procedures of the internal evaluation, including data gathering, analysis and reporting, presenting and disseminating evaluation findings, monitoring, assessment of management capacity at the NGO.

“The workshop was an excellent opportunity for our staff members to reflect on their experiences, to enhance their knowledge on PME techniques, carry out corrective measure in the field for further development” noted Tatevik Harutyunyan, Syunik-Development NGO Social Development Programme Manager.

Syunik-Development NGO expressed its gratitude to Ankica Dragin for conducting such a productive and useful workshop․