Two-day seminar on “Energy Crisis and Renewable Energy”

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From October 12th to October 13th, within the frame of Syunik-Development NGO’s Environmental Education and Awareness Building in Vayots Dzor Region of Armenia and in Zakarpatia Region of Ukraine project 2-days eco seminar was organized at Gitelik University entitled Energy Crisis and Renewable Energy.

The aim of the course was increasing environmental awareness among the youth of Vayots Dzor region on local and global environmental issues, thus helping to understand the global nature of the issues at the local level and discover all the possible solutions to them.

The project coordinator Gohar Hunanyan welcomed all the participants, presented Eco Twin project with all the activities done before and wished them all success.

Afterwards, the assistant coordinator of Syunik-Development NGO, Mariam Grigoryan, presented NGO’s history, mission, and running projects.

The trainer of the program was Karen Aghababyan, PhD, Ornithologist, executive director of TSE – Towards Sustainable Ecosystems NGO. He spoke on the following topics:

  • the main environmental issues,
  • energy crisis and its consequences,
  • climate change,
  • natural resources and their reduction,
  • solutions: energy-saving technologies and Armenia’s contribution to mitigating the effects of climate change,
  • renewable resources and their sustainable use.

The training contributed to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, abilities of the participants about the environment, as well as to the formation of ecological culture,orientation of value system and behavior.