The dance group in Kechut village of Jermuk community was provided with national costumes

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The initiatives implemented by community centers within the framework of Syunik NGO’s Social Development Program in Southern Armenia provide the youth of Vayots Dzor with an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills, as well as assist in their career orientation.

The project proposal presented by the initiative and active youth of the Jermuk Community Center was funded under the Social Development Program Small Scale Projects.

Within the proposed project the students of the dance group in Kechut village was provided with national costumes.

“The students couldn’t participate in any competition because of the lack of dance attire. Now that problem is solved we can properly prepare for the upcoming competitions”-mentioned in her speech the dance teacher.

On August 31st an event was organized by the students of Kechut school and Kechut culture house. Among guests were also the manager of Syunik NGO’s Social Development Program, the director of the organization and other representatives of the NGO.

During the event the students were presented with poems and dances.

”National Armenian dances are inseparable part of the Armenian culture, and nowdays not only private groups operate outside the schools, but also dance groups reopened in schools, which promotes the spread of Armenian national dance and Armenian culture as a whole:” mentioned in her speech Tatev Harutyunyan, Syunik NGO’s Social Development Program Manager. She also thanked the dance group teacher and the students for their work which promotes the spread of culture.

Such projects organized by Syunik NGO promote the development and dissemination of cultural initiatives.

Syunik NGO got Certificate of Appreciation by the cultural house of Kechut village.