Vayots Dzor hosted the Halepli family …

Tony and Jocelyne Halepli visited the Vayots Dzor region in Armenia for the third time. The Halepli family hails from the city of Laval in Canada, where they founded the “Haleson” industrial equipment factory  25 years ago.

Tony descends from a well known 1915 genocide survivor and fatefully bears witness to the “Meds Yeghern”. He lives with his Armenian identity, undoubtedly believing in the bright future of Armenia, and supporting the success of that future.

“I am the Vayots Dzor ambassador to Canada and Armenia’s agricultural representative”, noted Tony Halepli. With the support of the Halepli family, more than 200 residents of Vayots Dzor’s Nor Aznaberd, Martiros and Khndzorut villages have expanded their orchards through the efforts of the Syunik-Development NGO and the Vayots Dzor Diocese. A demonstration orchard has been established in the Aghasafi area of Yeghegnadzor, which serves as a training center and a place for exchanging experience among local farmers.

In 2016, with the support of the Halepli family, the Beekeeping Development Program was launched through which 17 beekeepers were trained and received beehives with colonies. The “Mountain Miracle” brand has been created to effectively organize the sale of honey from this region.

The Halepli family is also granting scholarships to deserving students wishing to learn English in Yeghegnadzor via the AUA ESL program.

During the visit, the Halepli family and VayotsDzor residents discussed the development opportunities and further plans for the region.