Establishment of Orchards in Khndzorut Rural Community

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The village of Khndzorut of Vayots Dzor region has 532 inhabitants. The meaning behind the village name suggests that you can taste the most delicious apples in Khndzorut. The village borders Nor Aznaberd, Martiros, Gnishikvillages and the Nakhijevan Republic. Local residents are mainly engaged in fieldwork, livestock, and horticulture, particularly apple cultivation. For the development of horticulture in the community, Syunik NGO provided 14 farmers of the Khndzorut community with apple seedlings to replenish their orchards within the framework of it’s “Social Development” and “Fruit Market Development” projects. Beneficiary farmers will receive continuous support from the organization in the field of gardening, post harvesting and sales management. Exchange visits will also be part of the support.