Beekeeping Development project in Vayots Dzor region

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Assessing the opportunities and perspectives of beekeeping development in the Vayots Dzor region, Syunik-Development NGO in coolaboration with the Atken Armenian Foundation of Canada, launched the beekeeping development pilot project in 2016. The initiative was made possible with the support of Van Armenian, Tony Halepli and Antoine Terjanyan. The project aims at reducing the poverty level in the region, contributing to the capacity building, and cooperation development between beekeepers from the rural communities, ensuring the quality and increasing the selling value of the honey and honey marketing. The effective implementation of the pilot project enabled the project to expand in 2017 and include more beneficiaries from rural communities in the region. The project  includes 12 beneficiary beekeepers from 8 communities of the region (Areni, Khachik, Chiva, Taratumb, Aghnjadzor, Getap, Gladzor and Malishka).

Every year a part of honey product is donated to frontier soldiers. Syunik-Development NGO staff members organize a honey tasting and breakfast together with the soldiers. The event is  accompanied by cultural activities.