Assistance to the border guard

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Khachik, Nor Aznaberd and Khndzorut are bordering rural communities of Vayots Dzor region. It is challenging for these people to live in these communities. To confront these challenges it is very important not only to have care and support from the state, but also from Armenian Diaspora.

For that purpose, it is an invaluable promotion from the Canadian Diocese, for whom supporting the border keepers became a mission. It has already been four years since that New Year’s Eve mood of these children from bordering villages of Vayots Dzor have been fulfilled with the gifts received from Armenian Diocese of Canada. This year the initiative was also leaded by primate of the Diocese H.G. Bishop Abgar Hovakimyan and faithful Armenians. Fundraising was organized by Armenian Diocese of Canada and with direct support of Armenian Apostolic Church local Diocese of Vayots Dzor region presents were distributed to about 300 children.

Apart from material support, for the border keepers it is very important, that even our compatriot living on the side of the ocean appreciate that they continue to live in the border with high consciousness to keep the homeland safe, even in difficult conditions.