Tree planting in the border

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Nor Aznaberd village of Vayots Dzor region is situated 700m far from the Nakhijevan border. The village was founded in 1988 when the population of Aznaberd village from Nakhijevan territory had been migrated and resided there. The village has 24 households and the main source of income is the agriculture.

Supporting the bordering village has a strategic meaning for the region. For that reason Syunik-Development NGO in the scope of agricultural development initiatives supports the development of agricultural skills and knowledge of farmers and expansion of orchards.

With the support of the NGO ten active farmers from Nor Aznaberd village have participated at cross-visit in Yeghegnadzor and Areni, and they visited the demonstration orchards, nurseries and storage facilities. They were provided with information materials, medicines and fertilizers.

Also, Syunik-Development NGO distributed qualified apple saplings from its nursery to all 24 households to replenish their orchards.