Stereotypes Breaking Farmers

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The orchard owned by Arthur Karapetyan and Arus Nersisyan was established in 2017 under the scope of Horticultural development project done by Syunik-Development NGO. This year drip irrigation system was installed in the orchard.  A year ago I saw an announcement that Syunik-Development NGO was organizing a vocational training with the aim of development and investment in new technologies of horticulture in Vayots Dzor region and decided to attend the 3 month training. We were participating in different trainings and cross-visits to Syunik NGO’s demonstration orchards with farmers from mainly older generations. During that visits we participated in practical lessons about pruning, learned how to run scrapbooks and develop business plans.
We had a privatized land in Areni village, which we used mainly for growing vegetables. With the consultation of professionals, we decided to establish an intensive orchard of apples. The expected result for next year is to have an apple orchard. By studying international experiences of intensive orchards, we have installed also added a new drip irrigation system.

Aside from the new additions I am also planning a wedding. My finance and I have steady permanent jobs and our flexible schedule allows us to the freedom to also be engaged in the orchard cultivation process. Orchard is an additional source of income for us. In Areni, and I am sure in other communities as well, farmers from older generation, are mainly involved in horticulture and they are using old technologies from Soviet times. My finance and I are going to break all stereotypes by using our fresh new perspective. We want our orchard to be an example for the whole community. We will share our experiences and success story with young families and will hope to inspire them with our initiative.

After all, Vayots Dzor has great potential for the development of horticulture. Perspectives are already visible-Artur is smiling.