Integration Course

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Syunik-Development NGO, in collaboration with the House of Hope Charity Centre Foundation, implemented the third Integration Course within the framework of the Vocational Training and Support for Integrating Displace and Marginalized People to the Armenian Job Market project. The mentioned Integration Course took place from the 14th of May until the 18th of May in Lucy Tour Resort, Hermon Village, Vayots Dzor region that was dedicated to the capacity building development of cooks and people with culinary skills.

During the three- day course, with the support of career planning and development trainer Haykuhi Gevorgyan, the beneficiaries could develop their CVs and individual career development plans according to their professional abilities and preferences. Sedrak Mamulyan, the famous Armenian chef, head of Armenian Cooking Traditions Development and Conservation NGO and director of Ararat Hall Educational Center, conducted a theoretical training and master-class on the topic of National Cuisine. At the end of the course the beneficiaries got certificates from Ararat Hall Educational Center.

During the training, the invited guest speaker Vahagn Hovhannisyan, Head of the department for cooperation with State Employment Agency and organizations that provide services in Labor Market, presented the existing main requirements and standards for cooks in RA labor market.

Within the framework of the Integration Course, each of the beneficiaries has received free psychological consultancy by our psychologist Hasmik Hakobyan, which will further has its significant impact to successfully apply for vacancies.

At the end of the course, the project team viewed the CVs of the participants and their individual career development plans, had interviews with them, and as a result, the beneficiaries would be given an opportunity to have internships and vocational training courses.