Lucine Harvey Mardirosyan Receiving Ellis Island Medal of Honor

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“It can be challenging but I trust in God. I have many friends who I know through the Armenian Church in Orlando and they have been a great support to my mission. In addition to Diaspora Armenians, I also have foreign friends who contribute to my mission. In this mission, nationality doesn’t play much of a role. It is the human willingness to help others that plays a role and I have been fortunate to meet people who are willing to help others as long as they know where exactly their support goes. Every time I visit Armenia I say this is my last visit. But when I meet children and see how happy they are to receive various goods, I know very well that I will be back again. Children’s happy faces are the best satisfaction for me and I want to help them as long as I can” noted Lucine Harvey Mardirosyan.

The charitable support of Diaspora Armenians living in the United States has been a significant help to Syunik NGO since its foundation. Generous contributions of many individuals have made it possible for us to implement our mission of helping the underprivileged population in rural Armenia. One such individual is Lucine Harvey Mardirosyan from Florida, a person who in the last 20 years has helped us to coordinate various fundraising activities in her home state and sent donations to Armenia.

During these years in cooperation with Syunik NGO Mrs. Mardirosyan carried out the following initiatives in Vayots Dzor region: She helped underprivileged children with the help of her friends’ generous contributions and through fundraising activities in Florida she was able to support children in several institutions and organizations, such as Syunik NGO’s Siranuysh camp, local kindergartens. She encouraged others to be involved in charitable work in order to help rural communities in Armenia to develop and become sustainable. Mrs. Mardirosyan and her friends also had a big contribution in building Lucy Tour Hotel Resort in the region that provides an ideal atmosphere for youth programs, exchanges and summer camps carried out by different organizations. With the initiative of Mrs. Mardirosyan funds have been provided for the development of horticulture in Vayots Dzor region. Very recently one hectare demonstration fruit orchard was established which will serve as a center for competences.

Syunik NGO congratulates Lucine Harvey Mardirosyan on receiving Ellis Island Medal of Honor and expresses its deep gratitude to her and her friends for the attention shown to the children and youth of Armenia.

The Ellis Island Medals of Honor are awarded annually to distinguished American citizens who exemplify a life dedicated to community service. These are individuals who preserve and celebrate the history, traditions and values of their ancestry while exemplifying the values of the American way of life and who are dedicated to creating a better world for all.