Internship in Syunik NGO

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Within the framework of the Social Development Program in Southern Armenia, Syunik-Development NGO has launched an initiative that enables active young graduates living in Vayots Dzor region to do internship in NGO headquarter and get first work experience.  The project aims at providing young graduates/professionals from the region with the proper knowledge, skills and experience to be competitive in the labor market. Young graduates do their internship at the NGO community (marketing) and tourism development departments. Based on the developed criteria and the interview, seven participants were selected to do their internship working with their supervisors. During the internship, they have an opportunity to get acquainted with the general activities of the non-governmental organization, participate in practical English courses, trainings, such as: project management, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, financial and human resource management, and more profound professional training. Theoretical training is also part of the practical work where the participants further will be able to conduct research, organize events, develop project articles, design project proposals, and develop reports.