Integration Course

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Within the framework of the Vocational Training and Support for Integrating Displaced and Marginalized People to the Armenian Job Market project the first Integration Course took place in Hermon Village of Vayots Dzor Region.

The training aims at raising the competitiveness of Syrian-Armenians living in Armenia as well as socially vulnerable groups in Vayots Dzor and other regions of Armenia in the Armenian job market.

During the training, the participants learned how to write a competitive CV, how to be introduced in job interviews and how to develop their communication skills. Based on the knowledge gained from the training, each of the participants prepared a personal career development plan which will further promote the implementation of work practices and trainings for beneficiaries within the framework of the project.

Syrian-Armenian entrepreneur Artsiv Hajinyan shared his success story with participants, who encouraged them to become more active in the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills.