Syunik-Development NGO Continuous Staff Development

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Syunik-Development NGO always promotes the professional development activities for its staff. From 17 to 24 of September, Mr. Ingo Mueller, consultant from Bröt für die Welt (BfdW), one of our long-term partners, visited Syunik-Development NGO and conducted a 4-day workshop to assist the NGO management staff to assess the progress of the activities over the past two years of the Social Development Programme, changes to a facilitation approach and to design corrective measures. During those days Mr. Mueller assisted Syunik-Development NGO to explore new opportunities for the development of the NGO’s profile of activities in view of strengthening civil society development and cooperation, building of peace and promoting cross-border and international relations between young people.

During his visit, Mr. Mueller also met with the project beneficiaries, stakeholder and discussed challenges occurring during the implementation of the programme, progress and achievements, and further development perspectives.