Vayots Dzor Region Fruit Growers Benefit from Establishment of Intensive Nursery

Together with the support of the Atken Armenian Foundation, Syunik-Development NGO has launched a Horticulture Development Project in the Vayots Dzor Region of Armenia. The project’s aim is to develop the capacity of local fruit growers within the scope of modern orchard management. Through this initiative, Syunik-Development NGO has established three fruit orchards with over 2,000 saplings of apple, apricot and plum in memory of both Mrs. Suzanne Altounian and Mrs. Hugette Paquin, as well as in recognition of the generous Mr. Robert Worcester.

The newly established orchards will serve as centers for skill and competency development for local fruit growers where Syunik NGO specialists will teach orchard cultivation, treatment, pruning, and management by environmentally friendly methods. Local fruit growers will also have access to acquire the best quality intensive saplings for their orchards via the Horticulture Development Project.

Dwarf orchard technology is a new innovation for most local fruit growers; however, intensive orchards have the following advantages: earlier production that aspire to commercially acceptable yields by the third year (as opposed to four or five years), easier canopy management (as pruning systems are simplified), and higher and more uniform fruit quality. The project is ongoing.