Eco Volleyball for an Envirnomentally Aware and Active Community

From April to November of 2013, Arus Nersisyan, one of Syunik-Development NGO’s staff members, participated in an Eco-Lab initiative. Eco-Lab is part of the Armenian country’s Program of Joint Civic Education initiated by Theodor-Heusse-Kolleg of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the MitOst Association. During the first phase Arus Nersisyan participated in three-times one week trainings, and during the second phase of the program, she developed a project entitled Eco Volleyball. The project’s specific objectives included creating an appropriate place for children to spend their time playing active and cognitive games, to raise young people’s involvement in community life, and to increase environmental awareness of youth through sport. Some of the activities implemented within the project included an environmental seminar for youth in Khachik Village, a volleyball competition, and a tree planting with the help of the Khachik Village mayor and youth.