Armenian Diocese of Canada Provides Financial Support to Sers, Bardzruni and Nor Aznaberd Rural Communities

Prior to the New Year and Christmas celebrations, the Armenian Diocese of Canada provided financial support to people living in several vulnerable border villages such as Sers, Bardzruni and Nor Aznaberd. People living in these communities help keep Armenia’s boundaries intact and their continued stay in their own villages are critically and strategically important not only for the whole region, but also for the whole country.

Primate of the Canadian Diocese Bishop Abgar Hovakimyan, together with the administrative staff members of the Armenian Children’s Foundation of the Canadian Diocese, organized a fundraising for these border villages of the Vayots Dzor region. The money was sent and distributed to people prior to the holidays. The donations, and even more so the thought behind them, was very important for the residents of the remote communities. An event by the Vayots Dzor Diocese in collaboration with Syunik NGO was organized to deliver the donations.

On behalf of the beneficiary communities Syunik NGO extends its deepest gratitude to everyone involved in this very important initiative. This generous support was crucial in easing the financial burden that each family faces daily when living under the constraints of limited income generating opportunities inherent to such isolated villages. With special enthusiasm, Syunik-Development NGO with the youth in border villages has organized the distribution of the funds to the inhabitants of those villages.