Support from the United States: Generous Diasporian Donors Contribute to their Home Culture and Country

The charitable support of Di­aspora Armenians living in the United States, Armenian organisations and individual benefactors has been a signifi­cant help to Syunik NGO since the early stages of its foundation. Generous contri­butions from many individuals have made it possible for Syunik to imple­ment its mission of helping the underprivileged populations of ru­ral Armenia. For many years, Lucine Harvey Martirosyan from Florida has put tremendous work into delivering goods to underprivileged children across all of Ar­menia and Arcakh. With the help of her friends’ generous contributions and combined fundraising efforts, she has supported many programs and projects initiated on behalf of Armenian children, one of which is Syunik NGO’s Siranuysh Camp, where the NGO carries out projects for youth and children, such as: Summer Camps for orphans and children from needy families, Summer Academies,Youth Gatherings, seminars, etc. Lucine and her community continue to encourage oth­ers to be involved in charitable work in order to help rural communities in Armenia to develop sustainably.

In her words, “It can be challenging but I trust in God. I have many friends who I know through the Armenian Church in Orlando and they have been a great support to my mis­sion. In addition to Diaspora Ar­menians, I also have foreign friends who contribute to my mission. In this mission, nationality doesn’t play much of a role. It is the human willingness to help others that plays a role and I have been fortunate to meet people who are will­ing to help others as long as they know where exactly their support goes. Every time I visit Ar­menia I say this is my last visit. But when I meet children and see how happy they are to receive various goods, I know very well that I will be back again. Children’s happy faces are the best satisfaction for me and I want to help them as long as I can.”