Vayots Dzor Region Tourism Guidebook and Map

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The Vayots Dzor Region Tourism Guidebook reveals the best of Vayots Dzor’s tourism sites, including rich cultural, historical and environmental heritage combined with introductions to talented and hospitable locals. Designed for tourists from within Armenia as well as for tourists coming from abroad, the Guidebook contains all the necessary information for planning a trip to the Vayots Dzor Region such as itineraries created through the insight of professional local guides, a list of trained guides ready to help make memorable visits to Vayots Dzor, and many noteworthy hotels, B&B’s, cafes, and restaurants. With accessible information and contacts, the Guidebook will answer any and all traveling questions about the Vayots Dzor Region, except: What do you want to experience in the ‘Land of Dynasty, Legend, and Rugged Beauty’?

The Guidebook and Map Project was organized through a partnership of Syunik-Development NGO, the USAID-funded Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness (EDMC) Project, and the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia (NCFA). Click here to download the  Guidebook and Map: