Local Tour Guide Training

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In 2013, fifteen local youth took part in a USAID/EDMC funded program to train local tour guides to better assist travelers to the Vayots Dzor Region. The training included classroom work focusing on the skills necessary to be a qualified tour guide as well as developing the trainee’s knowledge of local tourist sites and history. In addition, the program provided expert knowledge to the youth participants with the expectation that they will be available and eager to work as paid tour guides for visitors to the region. In the past, visitors to Vayots Dzor coming from Yerevan would usually bring along Yerevan-based guides. As a consequence of this, the local economy was less stimulated and visitors would often miss the many hidden spots beyond the usual church or monastery. Now with the trained local tour guides, visitors to Vayots Dzor have the opportunity to see and experience the region’s less visited locations while also helping to better distribute tourism revenue.